Physical Archive of Digital Concerns

With the rise of NFTs, I’ve been wondering a lot about this idea that art can have a place solely online, forever, and never exist in the physical world; and likewise, about the viability of a physical work of art as an NFT or a digitally-transmitted work.

This quilt is an on-going project, which seeks to understand the identity of art in a Post-Internet world. Through some form of agency, this artwork would be able to question its own purpose in tandem with the digital world. It would ask:

“Where will I be in 10 years? Will I be replicated? Duplicated? Refabricated? Will I cease to exist? Will I be obsolete? Will the Internet find a way to digitize me?”

As the project grew, I realized I was also projecting my own concerns toward the digital identities of us as humans, and how the digital diocese brought on by the pandemic has turned us into beings that exist solely on the Web.

The questions I was asking for the artwork were the same I was asking about myself.