Things We Know, Things We Don’t

This multidisciplinary exhibition features works by six artists who abstract and re-imagine our understanding of reality through material exploration. Here, creative interventions between mediums and materials work to alter the expected path of our world’s collective future.

These works present dissonance between what we know and what we need as they act in dialogue with one another. Some present the softness of present moments and memories, while others question the sustainability of these ideas given our current global context. A restructuring of ideas, an unsettling of perspectives; These pieces work to shift the ground beneath us, and ask us to question our intentions.

Things We Know, Things We Don’t welcomes you to step inside an alternative reality, beyond the harm of ignorance and capitalistic desires, where nature and humanity are weaved together in an equilibrium of co-existence. The manipulation of tangibility and the re-cycling of materials offers new perspectives and ideologies toward a re-imagined future. Considerations of our relationship to earth are present in these works as they seek a shift in the present cycles of life, knowing full well we cannot continue along this current.

You are invited to examine the tender moments of our present, the intertwined softness of our domesticity and the possibilities for our relationship with this earth. Remember this stillness. Take it with you as you explore beyond the realm of our reality, into imagined futures.

Curated by Ali Kouri

Clara-Jane Rioux Fiset, Études rocheuses, handmade and naturally dyed paper yarn, ceramics, weaving
Magali Bélair-Boileau, Inside / Outside, acrylic on handmade paper
Scarlet Fountain, Polyethylene Tapestry, LDPE and LLDPE plastic textile installation
Gazelle Bastan, We-Change, 4-channel video installation
Florence Pin & Michelle Pawlowsky, Here We Lay in a Beam of Bright Light, Our Hands Buried Deep in the Earth, photography, ceramic & textile installation